Ladybugs ~ Our 2003-2004 Theme!
Remember...Ladybugs aren't just ladies, they're gentlemen, too!
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In our class we have a yearly theme. Themes help to build a sense of community and spirit in the classroom and give us a focus for the year. We will be going "buggy" this year with LADYBUGS!
Why ladybugs?
  • They are one of our state symbols - our state insect.
  • They go through a metamorphosis - an important concept from our state Science frameworks.
  • They're one of the most beneficial insects in the world (for people).
  • They're just plain cute and fun!
What will we be doing with ladybugs?
  • Watching the metamorphosis of LIVE ladybugs!
  • Going through our own "ladybug metamorphosis" as students
  • Learning facts about ladybugs
  • Using them to integrate all areas of our curriculum
Use the links to the left to learn more
about ladybugs and our work with them.